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Mayur Parmar

Hi I am Mayur Parmar. Independent Author & Founder of Mastering VMware. I am working in IT industry for more than 2 Years with knowledge of VMware , Microsoft Server's, Linux Server's.

VM Monitoring using RV Tools


Everyone is using VMware for virtualizing server but to manage all the vm’s & to get all the information in a few minutes it is an big task because we have to search for every detail in vCenter Server & ESXi Host also. If you are VMware Admin than you …

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what is vSwitch ?


vSwitch is also referred as vSphere Standard Switch. vSwitch is the software-based virtual networking switch used to connect virtual machines to ESXi host & it also provides the connectivity between the virtual machines on that virtual switch. vSphere Standard Switch is referred as vSwitch. Each ESXi host requires it’s own …

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What is Virtual Networking ?


Hello guys in this post i will give you brief summary about the Virtual Networking in the Virtual Infrastructure & we will also discuss components of virtual networking. As you can see in the physical world we use Networking to connect the various devices & servers to switch & routers …

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How to Manage Snapshots ?


Snapshot is most useful feature in the virtual infrastructure. Snapshot provides capability to save the current state of the Virtual Machine. Snapshot is also called as point-in-time image of the virtual machine. Snapshot helps to preserve the current state of the virtual machine. we can create snapshot while vm is …

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