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Mayur Parmar

Hi I am Mayur Parmar. Independent Author & Founder of Mastering VMware. I am working in IT industry for more than 2 Years with knowledge of VMware , Microsoft Server's, Linux Server's.

vSAN : What is VMware vSAN ?

What is vSAN

VMware continuously changing & improving the traditional datacenter with software defined datacenter(SDDC). VMware SDDC consists of all the components which are virtualized which are compute, storage & network. Compute is you already know which is vSphere ESXi , Network is virtualized using the VMware’s NSX Solution. For storage VMware provides …

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How to configure vSphere HA ?


HA is an high availability feature provided by VMware for protecting the virtual machines from system failure. When the HA is enabled on the cluster it automatically protects all the virtual machines. HA continuously monitors the vSphere Cluster for any issues if any issues arises HA occurs and HA will …

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What is VMware vSphere HA ?


Every organization uses servers for their products or services but at the time of disaster or any of the fault event it is necessary to have the availability of the server so that user or client can not face the problem regarding the services. In virtual Environment’s it is necessary …

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How to Backup & Restore VCSA 6.5


vCenter Server Appliance also referred as VCSA 6.5 comes with the integrated option of Backup & Restore. So you can easily backup your vCenter Server Appliance using the integrated option of Backup which will take the complete Backup of VCSA. When you want to restore the backup you only have …

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How to Patch vCenter Server in VCHA Cluster


In our previous posts we were working on how to setup VCHA Cluster & how to do failover testing of vCenter High Availability. Once you configure VCHA then you don’t need to worry about the vCenter Server failure. Everything can be taken care by the vCenter High Availability feature & …

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How to do vCenter HA failover Testing


In our previous posts we have seen on what is vCenter HA & How to setup vCenter HA. vCenter HA also called as VCHA. vCenter HA provides the High Availability for the vCenter Server so that if your vCenter Server instance goes down you still have the copy of your …

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How to configure vCenter HA Step by Step

In our previous post we have seen on what is vCenter HA or VCHA & how it works. Basically VCHA is an high availability for the vCenter Server so that if your vCenter Server goes down you have another vCenter Server running & up for your operations. VCHA is introduced …

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